My name is Anthony M. Briley and I’m the man behind this website. I’ve been a carpenter since the last 20 years, and a very passionate one at that.

I’ve been into cutting, chopping, slicing, and moulding wood since longer than I can remember. As a result, I’ve accumulated priceless experiences using various equipment like saws, sanders, splitters, jointers and many other things.

These days, I’m involved less in carpentry work myself, as my wonderful team located in Boston takes care of most of the things while I relax and work on the planning side of things. This newfound free time motivated me to do something beyond carpentry itself, and I decided to write about my experiences as a carpenters, as well as publish guides and reviews about woodcutting and carpentry equipment on this site.

If you have any questions related to this field, you can get in touch using this contact form. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay on WoodPursuits.